Don’t abort God’s plan in your life

Do not allow anybody no matter who to abort the plans God has for you. The enemy wants those plans aborted. He does not want any dreams any new revelations any gifts to be born to you. My neighbor was digging around her palm tree. I asked her what she was doing and she said I’m trying to abort the babies these palms are producing. That was such a powerful statement and sat heavy on me. Wow the devil tries to abort God’s plans over our lives all the time. So the question is how do we know when God is changing our direction or we have been attacked by the enemy? When I stay in Gods Word and we have conversation daily I can hear Him in my heart and I can feel a peace about where He plugs me in. He tells me when to step back step down or move forward. He changes my direction. When it’s the enemy it’s like a plan was disrupted and aborted and there will be a cloudiness of thinking, confusion, distress, agony, unrest, worry, anxiety, discord, restlessness, disorder everything the devil is made of. When God changes my direction it might be a little uncomfortable but there will be a knowing a peace, calmness in my Spirit, contentment, everything God is… For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, as in all the meetings of God’s holy people. (1 Corinthians 14:33) Jesus knew what the plans were He knew what he had to do. He chose the cross. He is Jesus… He did not have to go. Yes He was terrified He sweat blood and prayed for the cup of suffering to be taken if it was God’s will. ( Luke 22: 39-44) The angels came and strengthened Him and He knew He had to do what was planned. The devil wanted Him to abort this plan abort the baby but Jesus stayed in close contact with God didn’t quit and was strengthened. He kept moving forward and we know what happened He didn’t stay in the tomb He had risen! He didn’t let fear, people, the enemy abort the plan. We follow how Jesus did it. Stay close to God, when God says change direction you change direction. Remember the woman at the well? Jesus had to go through Samaria on His journey because He listened to God tell Him to go that direction. (John 4:1-4) changed her life and anybody she spoke too. He kept His circle of friends small and close, and He rebuked or removed anybody that spoke against ( had unbelief)God’s plan in His life.

Author: Allison

Jesus has restored and healed me from old to new. He touched and filled me with His presence and gave me a gift of healing of physical and emotional when I pray with others. A gift of teaching His words and seeing the beauty of how they relate to our lives and how we can learn to live in His freedom and presence no matter the circumstance at hand. I pray that you are blessed and healed through this blog.

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